HOUSTON A woman and her two adult daughters were arrested in Houston Friday for allegedly giving Botox injections to people without a license, police said.

Houston police said Maria Lorena Teran should be very familiar with the criminal court system because this is the third time she s been arrested and accused of practicing medicine without a license.

The three women were illegally injecting faces and body parts with Botox and other unknown materials out of a cosmetic clinic called LaFemme in far west Houston off Highway 6, police said.

Police said the initial investigation began when some of Teran s patients began to get sick and filed police reports. Undercover officers were sent in to the clinic, which led to the first charges in October of 2011.

While out on bond for that case, police said they learned Teran was allegedly performing illegal injections again. She now has three separate cases pending, and this time she is being held without bond.

You know, as physicians, we have decades of training on human anatomy and where to inject and where not to inject, said Dr. Kim Vo, the medical director of Dermagenix located near the Galleria.

Like Houston police, Vo said she has heard the horror stories about unlicensed, untrained people injecting patients who are seeking a better look.

You can form a granuloma, just a firmness around that area. You can get infections, it is done in a non-sterile environment or it can travel to the bloodstream, Vo said.

And in some extreme cases, people have died.

We want to know exactly what they were doing, said Assistant District Attorney J. Keiter. We don t know everything they are being injected with. Some people were injected with some substances; others may have been injected with different substances. The question is, who has been injected with what, and what are they going to do about it.

Investigators said they fear there are many more victims out there.

If you were a patient or know someone who was, detectives in HPD s Major Offenders Division would like for you to call 713-308-3138.

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