PASADENA, Texas Questions and disbelief surrounded an apartment in Pasadena on Saturday, following the discovery of a woman police suspect was murdered.

I couldn t believe it was her, said a man who lives at the Cinnamon Ridge Apartments in the 6500 block of Spencer Highway. Its mind boggling.

Police believed the murder took place about a week ago, but they first learned about it on Friday.

A police official said they were tipped off by a Houston attorney who phoned in from his office and said he represented a man, Ivan David Franco, who may have killed a woman and tied her up inside the apartment.

Responding officers located the body of 26-year-old Briana Hope Wisinger, while Jason Jiminez looked on from his mother-in-law s place.

It s not that safe, said Jiminez, while referring to other recent crimes nearby. I saw everything taped off and I saw all the investigators here and I thought somebody s probably gone again.

Police arrested Franco, who is suspected of killing Wisinger, at the attorney s office.

Neighbors said the victim lived with Franco and that several days ago, she appeared to be arguing with him and throwing things out the window at him.

They were down stairs moving some stuff, said Aaron Terry. And he kept throwing things up there. I don t know what he was doing honestly. It seemed a little odd. I just turned the other way and kept moving.

He wondered if the confrontation had anything to do with a deadly crime. Even though some neighbors insisted the couple who lived in the apartment seemed to get along fine.

They were nice people, one man said. You would never think this. You wouldn t think this could happen around here. But you never know.

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