HOUSTON An alleged car burglar was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound after residents in a north Houston neighborhood tracked him and two others down early Wednesday morning, police said.

The shooting was reported along the North Freeway at E. Tidwell Road shortly after 4 a.m.

Houston police arrived to find the injured suspect on the side of the frontage road. He apparently was shot and dragged by a vehicle, although it wasn t immediately clear who shot him.

Officers said it all started when the suspect and another man, were caught breaking into cars in a nearby neighborhood. Police took a woman in custody who was with the two men, but her involvement is not clear. Residents followed the trio to the gas station where an altercation occurred and shots were fired.

Maria Aguinega and her brother in law were among the neighbors who tried to catch up with the crooks. She says he saw them messing with his car and ran outside.

He was right there in the living room while they were doing it. It was just upsetting him, that oh my god, I m at my house being peaceful and here comes these trouble youngsters, said Aguinega.

When she got to the gas station, she saw one of the suspects try to jump into the cab of a pick-up. He ended up getting dragged on the pavement.

The injured suspect was loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. The woman he was with was taken into custody for questioning. Police said a third suspect, a man, was still on the run.

Investigators hope the gas station s surveillance video will reveal exactly what went down.

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