HOUSTON A federal judge has denied the North Forest Independent School District s request for a temporary restraining order on the Texas Education Agency s attempts to shut it down.

The district filed a lawsuit in an effort to restrain the TEA from abolishing it and its board of trustees. In the lawsuit NFISD asserted that the closure violates Sections 2 and 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Section 2 speaks to the dilution of voting rights of residents and Section 5 deals with the requirement for pre-clearance when a government agency takes action on anything that affects voting.

The Houston Independent School District is set to take over NFISD schools this summer.

The TEA ordered that the district be abolished because of low performance.

NFISD Attorney Chris Tritico said the district is not giving up.

North Forest still has an action pending at the Texas Supreme Court and we hope the court will act and do the right thing for the children of North Forest, he said.

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