SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- The 11-year-old San Antonio native who sang the National Anthem before Game 3 of the NBA Finals was back in the spotlight on Thursday.

Sebastien De La Cruz was asked to sing at Game 4 after a flurry of racial insults online.

De La Cruz performed both nights in a mariachi outfit.

Back on Tuesday, people took to Twitter to post negative comments about the boy. One tweet called the performance unamerican and others questioned if the boy was here legally.

De La Cruz says he is not fazed by the haters.

If they don t like mariachi that s their problem, but I love it. That s all I ve got to say, said the smiling 11-year-old.

De La Cruz feels he was judged mainly by what he was wearing. He also believes there are so many more people out there who support him and his culture.

I m a proud Mexican American, and this is the American dream. De La Cruz said. This is what I live for.

Once again, De La Cruz did not skip a beat during his latest national performance.

He came back representing his culture regardless if his background is from Mexico. He s in the U.S., and he stood strong, said Zenaida Gomez of Houston.

Ironically, De La Cruz was not even supposed to perform the first time. He was just filling in for country singer Darius Rucker, who dropped out at the last minute.

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