HOUSTON A father is charged with felony child endangerment after police say he drove off, leaving his baby son strapped in a car seat, in the parking lot between a Food Mart and a Mexican restaurant.

Billy Davis turned himself into the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force on Thursday morning.

I love my son,I d never ever do nothing like that, Davis said.

Davis spoke toKHOU11 news minutes before he was taken into custody.

It s very few and far between that these guys do have a little remorse, so they feel bad and want to get their side of the story in, said Chris Helton, with the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force.

On Mother s Day, deputies said Davis left his 10-month-old son in a parking lot off of West Road after an argument with his girlfriend, who is the mother of his child.

I was driving andshe got upset, because I was talking about her panties showing. I said, We going by mother s house, for my son to visit with my mother. I felt like that was kind of disrespectful. She started cursing me, putting her hands on me, hitting me and stuff.I couldn t take it, you know, instead of just going crazy,I went to the nearest store, Davis said.

He said he went to the store to get help. Surveillance cameras show him getting out of the car and walking to the store. A witness said he saw the woman get out of the car and place the child in the parking lot.

I saw her taking the baby out and putting it in the parking lot, I didn t understand why she did that. It was hot and the baby was screaming, saidRuwan Desilva.

Davis said the second he saw her walk toward the store he went back in his car, then took off. Davis said he didn t want to start any trouble, he was trying to walk away from it.

Davis is currently on parole for a robbery charge. Authorities said they plan on talking to Davis girlfriend as well.

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