Galveston A man arrested by Galveston police claims they used excessive force and has filed a federal lawsuit against the city demanding $10,000,000.

The incident happened March 11, 2013 at the Stewart s Landing apartments on 69th Street.

Jarrett Neu is seen in cell phone video being arrested by two officers. He is in handcuffs when his friend starts rolling.

Once at the door, you can hear and see Neu being tased while his friend yells, Guys, what s going on?

Galveston officers said they were arresting the 22-year-old for violating a protection order filed by his girlfriend.

She knew where he was, said Cpt. Jeff Heyse with Galveston Police. The officers went to that location looking for him and they found him there.

The neighbor at the downstairs apartment saw what happened as the threesome headed down to the patrol car.

They tased him all the way down the stairs in cuffs, said Deborah Macleod. He wasn t helping. They had to carry him.

Neu was arrested that day, and two months later has filed a federal lawsuit against the city claimingpolice used excessive force. The suit claims that Neu was subjected to severe physical abuse, threats and intimidation.

Heyse said the department never got a formal complaint about the incident and they just learned about the lawsuit.

We got blindsided by this, said Heyse. So, we had no idea this was coming.

He watched the video for the first time with KHOU 11 News.

This gentleman was charged with resisting arrest and that s what the report states, said Heyse. I think that s evident by the video.

We couldn t reach Neu for comment, but his lawyer said his client has a pre-existing heart condition and is still visiting a cardiologist months after the incident.

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