HOUSTON A mother who gave her teen daughter alcohol before taking her to go prostitute with two men got angry and called police because the men did not want to pay for her services as well, according to court documents.

The mother, whose name we will not release to protect the minor s identity, was charged with endangering a child.

The mom told investigators her daughter approached her saying she knew of a way they could make extra money, but didn t want to exactly share the details. The mom said she gave her daughter three 16-ounce Bud Light beers to get her to loosen up and tell her what was on her mind.

That is when the 16-year-old told her 32-year-old mother that she was already having sex with men for money.

The mom told her daughter that she was interested in doing the same to make some extra cash. The daughter then called her clients and made arrangements for them to meet up, investigators said.

The mother and daughter met up with one man, who led them to a house where another man was waiting. The daughter then had sex with both of the men while her mom waited.

The first man allegedly paid the teen her required $40 fee. The second man was $10 short, but the teen took the cash and had sex with him anyway.

While the teen was with her second customer, her mom called police.

The first man fled the scene after learning cops were on the way, but the one who was short ten bucks was still with the girl when they got there. He then told them his side of the story.

The man admitted to paying for sex from the prostitute, but said he had no idea that she was underage.

He said he waited outside with the older girl until it was his turn. That older girl was the mother, investigators said.

The suspect said he gave the older girl a beer and a lit cigarette which she asked for but did not want to have sex with her. He said none of them wanted to have sex with the older girl because she was too fat. He thinks that is why she got angry and called police.

In fact, he was in the middle of having sex with the teen when cops came and arrested him.

The mom said she never intended on having sex with the men and only went so she could call and report them for buying sex from her daughter.

Investigators say, however, the teen was inside the house for an hour, giving her plenty of time to engage in the illegal activity.

The mom did not call police at all until the second man was having his turn, leaving her alone outside.

The mom was charged with endangering a child. Her bond was set at $2,000.

The man who was caught was charged with sexual assault of a child.

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