SAN ANTONIO -- Now that temperatures are climbing, so is the number of honey bees.

That's exactly what's happening in a backyard off Huisache Street near I-10 and Fredericksburg Road, and Walter Schumacher drove all the way down from Austin to save those bees.

At a minimum, we're looking at 50,000 bees, he said about the hive in the downtown neighborhood. And if [the hive is] 5 years old, it could have a a quarter million, up to 300,000 bees.

With one look at Schumacher's yellow T-shirt and dreadlocks, it s easy to tell he loves what he does. Although some people may assume he's just a crazy hippie from Austin.

I would say, 'Cool! Thank you!' Schumacher said with a grin.

Schumacher and his crew will take the hive to Austin and keep the honey. He makes the house calls free of charge but suggests donation amounts based on the amount of work involved.

We're a non-profit. We need all the help we can get, he said.

Still, the biggest reward for him is knowing he's doing good by Mother Nature.

Even the smallest creature is very important to our survival, he said.

More information on Schumacher and his business can be found on the Central Texas Bee Rescue & Preserve website.

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