HOUSTON -- Police are investigating a series of home invasions in southeast Houston that occurred between December and last month to determine whether the crimes are related.

Houston police detectives Art Mejia and Michael Ybanezcompared notes about recent home invasions that were likely carried out by the same men.

The first case happened in December 2012 at a home on Richwood.

They announced initially that they were the police and they were there to serve search warrants, said HPD Det. Michael Ybanez.

But once inside the home, the robbers demanded money. They pistol whipped the adults and the children were taken into a master bedroom.

The children were threatened with bodily harm and that kind of crosses the line for us, said Detective Ybanez.

The suspects were in the home for an hour and left with only the victim's wallets and some jewelry.

On Belbay Street a month later, police say men hit again.

The homeowner is assaulted and beaten and again a young child is threatened with bodily harm, said Detective Ybanez.

The attackers left with money, jewelry and some electronics.

Then, on April 22, a disabled man who lives in a house on Dieppe was robbed.

Houston police s sketch artist, Lois Gibson, worked with the man and came up with a drawing of what the main suspect looks like.

Like the other incidents, the suspects claimed he had a search warrant and yelled police.

Of course my victim can't move. He can't get up. There is a young child in the back of the house who hears everything going on and just barricades herself in a room and stays quiet, said HPD Det. Art Mejia.

According to police, one of the suspects pointed a sawed off shotgun at the homeowner and left after taking his disability money and prescription drugs.

In each of these cases, the suspects were dressed in tactical gear, which is often worn by police who conduct raids.

Anyone with information about these incidents or the suspects is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS

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