DALLAS If you know yoga, you've heard of the child pose.

How about the newborn pose?

It's very beneficial, physical, cognitive development, said Debbie Freed, who teaches infant yoga in Dallas to students as young as three weeks old. Yoga helps that for all these babies.

Some of the moves, implemented by the child s parent, have the effect of quickly turning a fussy baby into a serene child.

Tears to smiles, Freed said.

She added that yoga also benefits a baby's digestion and sleep and eases colic.

These poses create a stronger bond between them and their baby, she said.

And parents seem to agree.

I think it's great for both of us, said Alyssa Spiegel, a mom practicing yoga with her son, Hudson.

Just being able to have that eye contact during class and focusing on each's nice, parent Sharon English said.

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