HOUSTON Deputies released surveillance video Tuesday as they searched for a man who allegedly tried to rob a Kroger store near Katy.

Investigators said a man in a grey shirt tried to rob the Kroger on Highway 99 and Bayhill Road late Friday night.

The first time around he walked in and cased the place.

(He) walked back outside and appears to have changed clothes, (then) came back in and entered into the courtesy booth, said Cpt. James Burger, with the Fort Bend County Sheriff s Department.

Officials said the man tried to grab the money bag out of the co-manager s hands, but she wouldn t give up. So he casually walked out to his getaway car. In the process, authorities said he apparently bumped into a friend of his.

He was speaking to someone in the parking lot and actually gave that person a hug. So we know they are familiar with each other, Burger said.

Right after the attempted robbery, the man pulled up to the Kroger gas station, purchased two beers and drove away, investigators said.

Deputies said they released the video because they think the man lives somewhere near the area. No one was hurt and nothing was stolen, but they re afraid the man will do something violent the next time around.

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