HOUSTON - A Houston nurse says she thought that she had found some high ground only to get her car towed anyway after Saturday s thunderstorms turned streets into rivers.

There was already water around so I was like, Oh my, I have to find higher ground, said Elna Schimmeyer.

Saturday afternoon, Schimmeyer was trying to get to her home in Sugar Land, and only got about half way when she had to ditch her car at the CVS in the 8500 block of West Airport. When she came back to get it at about 8 a.m. on Sunday her car was gone.

Schimmeyer thought it was safe, but instead, she is just sorry. Her car had been towed away.

The CVS lot is marked with a sign stating that cars could be towed, and the store does have an active contract for towing services for cars parked overnight. However, there were more than 20 cars that jammed into any available space on Saturday, with drivers just trying to stay above water.

Why are you towing these cars? This is not right that you are towing these cars in an emergency situation like this, Schimmeyer said.

The manager of the CVS did not want to talk on camera, but he did say that when he saw cars being towed early Sunday morning he stopped it, despite the contract.

Schimmeyer s car was already gone.

This is a cheap shot for you guys to do this, Schimmeyer said. I am expected to be in the hospital for an emergency situation like this. I am one of the responders, first responders, says the Ben Taub Hospital nurse.

This should not be tolerated by the city at all, this kind of practice. You know, taking advantage of the situation, the disaster like that, Schimmeyer said.

The wrecker driver who holds the contract and towed her car said that her car was towed because it was in the way of several other cars parked askew. He added that he did leave several cars behind in the lot that were parked inside spaces.

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