WEST, Texas All residents of West, Texas are now permitted to return to their homes following the April 17 explosion at a fertilizer company.

People in Zone 3 the hardest-hit area closest to the epicenter finally got to see what was left of an estimated 180 homes this weekend.

There is massive devastation on every block near the explosion site. Roofs are collapsed; windows are blown out; cars are scorched or damaged; and some homes simply burned to the ground.

Residents are only being permitted to collect valuables before they must leave.

Only five of the homes in Zone 3 are actually liveable.

More funerals are expected this week for some of the 15 victims, and there was another town hall meeting Sunday afternoon to update residents on the clean-up progress and how to deal with the insurance bureaucracy.

But there is no doubt about one thing: No one is going to be living in Zone 3 for months to come.


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