HARRIS COUNTY -- What would you do if you came home to find burglars walking away with your stuff? One family decided to fight back and wrestled their hard earned things away from the crooks.

Surveillance cameras at a neighbor s house caught some of the action at the mobile home across the street.

The good guys of this story did not want to show their faces for fear the bad guys might come back.

The family said three things were taken: a lock, cologne and a plasma TV.

It was the middle of the day on Moonglow Drive in northwest Harris County. The video shows the crooks leaving the home, as one was trying to hold the flat screen while the other was running away

At one point, the thief realizes he can't juggle the television anymore, so he puts it down.

The homeowner and his cousins arrive home and their adrenaline kicks in.

They chased the guys and scuffled with one. They held him down until police arrived.

The family says there were able to recover all of their stolen items.

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