FORNEY, Texas -- Officers from across the nation will gather in North Texas on Friday where a slain D.A. and his wife will be laid to rest.

Newly released video shows the victim shopping for a gun just hours before his murder a week ago.

Just off East Broad Street, in a non-descript old building, was one of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland s favorite places.

We have a table that seats eights we call it the Liar s Table that s where all the old men sit and drink coffee, said Oneil Kidwill, Helz Firearms owner.

Several times a week for the last five years, the Kaufman County D.A. was a regular at the gun shop. He enjoyed the conversation, Kidwill said, and especially liked sporting firearms. In fact, McLelland carried a .38-caliber snub nose revolver, he added.

McLelland s last visit to Helz Firearms was Friday, hours before he and his wife Cynthia were gunned down.

Kidwill said he offered McLelland some advice after the D.A. s top prosecutor, Mark Hasse, was gunned down on January 31.

When Mark got murdered, I told him he needed to start wearing a vest everyday to work and carry that gun where you can get to it real quick, Kidwill told News 8. He didn t seem concerned with his safety at all. He was more concerned for his co-workers.

McLelland s last visit to Helz Firearms had a purpose, Kidwill remembered.

He came in asking what he should get his employees, because they were in fear for their life, Kidwill said.

Revolvers and vests were the recommendations McLelland left with last Friday, but it was advice he never got to deliver.

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