HOUSTON The motto is Be Prepared and the Sam Houston Council of the Boy Scouts of America is living up to it.

The group s historic Camp Strake hits the market next week and already the scouts have secured a contract on new land for a state-of-the-art camp.

Tucked into the woods just south of Conroe is Camp Strake.

How many times have you been to Camp Strake as a scout or a leader? one scout leader is asked.

At least a hundred times, he said.

It s made history, but soon Camp Strake is history.

The current camp does show its age. The property was donated to the Sam Houston Council of the Boy Scouts in 1944 by George Strake and his wife.

It is a great place, said Scott Hill.

He has been coming for decades, since 1987 or 88, he said.

The biggest problem. after more than 70 years. is what used to be rural just isn t now.

The area has grown up so much. It used to be that when you would go out there you would not hear anything. Now when you sit out there you can hear the cars on the freeway and stuff, Hill said.

We ve got light pollution, noise pollution, vandalism, we just are not in a rural setting anymore, said Sam Houston Council President Tom Varnell.

With George Strake s grandson as a leader, the scouts began searching for a new location more than a year ago and now they look to make a bundle.

At nearly 2200 acres it will be one of the largest properties for sale in the Houston area, but it is not just its size that puts it in demand it is that old real estate mantra: location, location, location.

The property sits between Conroe and The Woodlands with more than 2 miles of highway frontage on both Interstate 45 North and Highway 1488.

The sale will transform the south side of the City of Conroe which is in the process of annexing the entire property.

I feel sorry for whoever buys it because they are going to be finding pocket knives and scout belts and all kinds of things in the dirt for years, Hill said laughing.

By hitting the road north, the Scouts just hope they will be prepared for the rest of the century.

The property will be sold by sealed bid in the next few months and the council will use the proceeds to purchase its new land, build a $20 plus million new camp, and endow the facility.

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