BAYTOWN -- A 12-year old girl is in good condition after being bitten by two dogs in the 4900 block of Saint Andrews Drive in Baytown.

Baytown police said the girl was bitten on the arm and side. She was airlifted by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

I don't know what to say, said the owner, fighting back tears. She's a child. I can't say she should have known better. She should have, but she didn't. It was an accident. A really bad accident.

The rule at the family's home is visitors call ahead before coming over so they can put the pit bull- Labrador mixed dogs, named Cain and Grimm, away.

On Thursday afternoon, the 12-year-old friend forgot to call.

She reached inside and unlocked the gate and came in because we were in the backyard, said the dogs' owner, who didn't want to be identified. Whenever we heard the dogs, we immediately came running and got the dogs off of her. She was screaming.

Baytown Animal Control took the dogs until the investigation into the case is complete. Officials are also trying to determine if the dogs have ever been in trouble before.

The owner says they haven't.

They're good dogs, she said We've had them since they were five weeks old. They've never attacked anybody before.

The dog owner said the landlord showed up after the accident and informed the family that regardless of what the city decides, Cain and Grimm can't live at the house anymore.

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