HOUSTON The loveable fat cat that captured headlines around the world died of cancer Friday morning in Houston.

Tiny Tim, who once weighed 35 pounds, collapsed shortly after eating breakfast, according to Dr. Alice Frei at Southside Place Animal Hospital. Vets tried to resuscitate him, but he never came back.

The animal clinic began caring for Tiny Tim in December 2012 after his owner abandoned him. The staff fell in love with him and decided to keep him since he needed special care.

The tubby tabbycould barely walk and couldn't evenclimbintoalitter boxwhen he was found. He got down to 28 pounds thanks to a diet and regularwalksaround the clinic.

He even got his own Facebook page with regular updates and photos.

Sadly, Tiny Tim was diagnosed with aggressive plasma cell cancer two months ago. Surgery wasn t an option, but he was put on kitty chemo to slow the growth.

After the diagnosis, vets took Tiny Tim off his strict diet and gave him rotisserie chicken once a week. His favorite part was the drumsticks, according to Dr. Frei.

She said his last two months were full of tender loving care and plenty of attention from visitors to the clinic.

If I had to choose a way for him to die, I don t think I could have picked a better way, Dr. Frei said.

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