CONROE -- A Conroe man is charged with murder after a noise complaint escalated into a deadly shooting.

Officials said last December, 33-year-old Jamie Devita was fed up with a neighbor's loud motorcycle and took matters into his own hands.

Marcus Dale Fisher was a familiar face in his Conroe neighborhood.

He [Fisher] did ride his bike...making a lot of noise, and it s a motorcycle, so it does make a lot of noise. And we had asked him to just calm it down at night, and he was pleasant with that, said property manager Donnett Hall.

But the noise was just too much for Devita.

On December 6, Fisher rode down West Hammon twice. As he was doing so a third time, he and Devita exchanged words

I heard the bike cut off and I heard a gunshot, said neighbor Amy Adkins.

She rushed to the scene.

I looked over and I saw him lying in the ditch, said Adkins. I could see his red bandana in his back pocket. I knew it was him.

Police said Fisher died at the scene.

Authorities took Devita into custody. His wife, Ashley, and kids ages two and four -- were hiding inside their trailer home.

Ashley Devita was also arrested for child endangerment after a marijuana grow was found in the trailer.

It was quite a shock to the whole neighborhood... uneasy, that someone would just take it upon themselves to handle something without getting the police involved first, said Hall.

Fifty-two-year-old Fisher had an automotive business and worked as a tow truck driver. He was married and had two sons.

Jamie Davita is charged with murder and faces life in prison.

Ashley Devita was indicted last week. She was released on $3,000 bail.

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