SAN ANTONIO -- A Rampage hockey player is taking a hit... but not on the ice.

He is accused of breaking into a family's home after he left a bar, police said.

A San Antonio police report says Scott Timmins told them he went to the Hangar on Broadway. But it's where he ended his night that landed him in the slammer. Police say he broke into a stranger's home and refused to leave.

Instead of a penalty box, a Rampage player's misconduct landed him in jail.

Timmins is accused of breaking into Benjamin Garza's home on Ridgecrest. Garza wasn't home at the time, but his wife and three kids woke up to the stranger on their couch.

The police report states that when Garza's wife found Timmins sitting on her couch, she asked him who he was, to which he responded, Don't worry about that.

He was yelling, 'What are you doing in my house,' said Garza. My wife said, 'You need to get the hell out of here,' added Garza. She was able to escape through a back door with her kids.

She called 911 and her husband. When Garza finally faced the man who scared the daylights out of his children, he told him you're lucky I wasn't here because I would've put a bullet between your eyes and it would've been over for you.

The police report said the suspect was so heavily intoxicated that he was unable to hold his balance and didn't remember how he had entered Garza's home.

Police said he also stated that he didn't mean any harm to those in Garza's home. He did seem to recall that he had been out drinking at the Hangar with friends from the hockey team.

My first instinct was to beat the hell out of him, Garza said. He needs to pay for what he did, traumatizing my family like that.

Police said Timmins has been charged with criminal trespass, a misdemeanor.

KENS 5 contacted the Rampage for comment, but we have not received a statement from them as yet.

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