DAISETTA -- The two recent sinkholes in Florida have gotten the attention of people in Liberty County, mainly because they have a sinkhole of their own in the city of Daisetta.

In 2008, Daisetta s sinkhole swallowed tractors, trees and equipment.

When asked what goes through your mind when you hear about the sinkholes in Florida, Daisetta resident Carol Fregia said, Being swallowed by a sinkhole.

And in this small community, that feeling is shared by many.

It could happen to us because it's so close to us, said Carol s husband, Luther Fregia.

That s why the Fregias watch the sinkhole like a hawk.

Surveyors believe Daisetta's sinkhole is stable.

Some experts believe saltwater that was stored underground after being used in oil production caused a salt dome to crumble.

Experts say there is no way to tell if the ground will ever crater again.

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