RICHMOND -- The 9-year-old boy who was shot over the weekend is now recovering at his home in Fort Bend County.

Luke Knight was shot in the leg on Saturday, but no one seems to know where the bullet came from.

I can't move this leg, said Luke. I can't put any pressure on it.

Doctors say Luke narrowly missed death after getting shot in his right leg.

On Saturday, the 9-year-old, his 7-year-old brother and his great-grandfather were taking the dog for a walk on Nails Road when all of a sudden Luke fell over.

I thought a bee stung him and I just got my grandma, said little brother Landon Knight.

No one heard the gun shot, we just heard the bone pop, said Luke Knight. When the bullet hit it, I fell over.

The bullet flipped and was sitting on the artery, said mom Marisa Knight. If it had been a millimeter lower, the thickness of a credit card, he would've died.

Luke is in so much pain that he s constantly sleeping. He cannot walk on his own and needs help going to the bathroom.

Luke s mom says the hardest part about all of this is that he may never get to do the things he loves the most -- like playing tennis and just walking around.

I just want to say they shouldn't have been shooting so close to a road, said Luke.

Marisa said the bullet wound may affect his growth, but they are working with top-notch doctors to make sure he gets everything he needs.

Investigators are still looking into this shooting. At this point, they do not have any leads.

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