DALLAS At Flagpole Hill in Dallas Saturday, Old Glory was waving in the breeze... and so was the Come and Take It flag.

People gathered some of them with firearms in tow for what was called a Day of Resistance rally.

Many of them say they're not happy with the direction of the country, especially President Obama's recent executive orders relating to guns and proposed gun legislation in Congress.

Any gun law, in my opinion, is an illegal gun law, said Harley Dockery of Sulphur Springs.

Once they get our guns, our freedom is gone, added Stan Martin of Flower Mound. So we are here to stand up for our freedom.

They are making sure their voices are heard.

I feel there is a threat to our Second Amendment rights, said rally organizer Fatima Thomas. This is just an opportunity for people all across America to get together and just say we are going to defend our Constitution.

The Dallas rally was timed to coincide with similar events planned across the country.

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