HOUSTON -- Police have arrested the man they say was caught on surveillance video strolling the halls of a Houston high school earlier this month.

Everardo Martinez Jr., 34, is accused of sexually harassing female students in and near the Austin High School campus.

On Tuesday, students at Austin High were told the man was in police custody

One of my friends got chased by the man, said student Flor Bernal. She was scared. But now, she's like, finally they've caught him.

We were on lockdown and I didn't know why until, like, the next day, said student Jeanette Sanchez. And it kind of freaked me out because I walk down the block here. And it made me, like, feel unsafe

Well, they should keep them in jail instead of letting them out on the streets the next day, said student Eric Rodriguez. That's what happens with most criminals. They have the prior records and they let them out and they're back out on the street doing the same thing.

Police say Martinez has a history of assault, burglary and theft.

He's locked up now because somebody who saw that video on TV called Crime Stoppers.

Charges against Martinez are still pending.

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