MOBILE, Ala. - They lined up one by one, buses full of passengers still on a journey, but this is certainly an upgrade compared to what life was life on Carnival Triumph.

We actually thought it was a nightmare. Every day we wanted to wake up but we couldn t. We woke up and said one more day on this one more day, said Joey Nelms, of Paris, Texas.

Hundreds of passengers spent the night at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, and are still plagued by some of the worst memories from the extended trip they feared would never end.

Pooping in bags, sharing the bags at one point because we ran out of bags, feces everywhere. The toilets were full. We had to do it in the shower, said Maria Hernandez, Angleton, Texas.

Hernandez said that toward the end of the trip the red bags became a hot commodity.

Her experience seems to be worse than others since her room was directly above the engine room that caught fire.

It was hard for us to believe what we saw when smoke was coming up to our room. My friend was telling us wake up wake up. There was no alarms or nothing to wake us up, Hernandez, said.

Finally checking into a hotel on solid ground, even the youngest of passengers are ready to put the past behind them.

It was scary. It was nasty. It was smelly, Shienne Gadson, of San Antonio, said.

Little Shienne turned 8 Friday, and she said getting off that ship was the best birthday wish she could have hoped for.

I m thinking that it could ve been better, Shienne said.

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