SAN ANTONIO --- Several people appeared at the scene of a motorcycle accident Tuesday night looking for cash on the freeway after hearing reports and seeing social media posts.

A 29-year-old man was rushed to University Hospital with a broken leg and other non-life-threatening injuries after crashing his motorcycle on eastbound Loop 410 near Bandera Road around 9:30 p.m.

The man had a green bag with him containing several thousands of dollars in cash.

San Antonio police said the injured man told them he had sold another motorcycle and had cashed in his tax return shortly before the accident.

Police scanner calls indicated that some of the money had spilled from the bag and was blowing across the freeway.

Police at the scene said that was not the case, but reports of money blowing in the wind quickly spread to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Paul Morado drove to the crash site after seeing a post on Twitter and said he would have been tempted to run onto the freeway to grab the loose bills.

Not without putting my life in danger, but definitely an interesting story for work tomorrow morning, Morado said.

SAPDremoved the money from the crash site and was working to make sure it was not stolen.

The money will then be returned to the motorcyclist once he is released from the hospital.

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