GARLAND, Texas Angela Howard's newborn son might not be here if it weren't for his two big brothers.

I got out of the bathtub and felt some type of pressure and thought I had to use the bathroom, she said. But I didn't have to use the bathroom; here comes the baby's head!

Hours earlier on February 2,the hospital sent Howard home after doctors said the 34-year-old was not in labor. They estimated she was still two weeks away from giving birth to Jassiah.

It happened so fast, I didn't have time to scream or be scared or anything, she said.

She was like all out of breath saying, 'Call 911!,' recalled 15-year-old Dameyon, Angela's oldest son. I go to this program at my school... it's like 'How to be a Man.' I remember one program segment that said when you call 911, you've got to be calm.

Dameyon old had been in the other room playing Xbox with his younger brother, B.J., when he responded to his mother's plea.

They said, 'Do you see the umbilical cord?' and I said, 'Yes.' They said 'Tie it with a string,' Dameyon remembered. I was running down the hall and couldn't find any string... and then I saw my brother's shoe.

The laces in his little brother's size 5 Nikes were the only string he could find.

I asked him why he had to take my shoes, B.J. told News 8, and he said, 'Because it's an emergency!'

Dameyon ripped the laces from B.J.'s sneakers and followed the operator's orders.

He had the phone on his shoulder while he was tying it off, Angela said. And when we got to the hospital, the shoestring was still on there, and they said 'Wow, he did a perfect job!'

When Garland firefighters and paramedics got to the Howards' apartment, they said everyone was calm. Angela was standing up, holding her son she had given birth to 14 minutes earlier.

And one of the first responders said Dameyon appeared to be bewildered.

You know, I had to get my breath, he said with a smile. It was just like mind-blowing!

His mom thinks so, too.

Jassiah was born two weeks early in his mother's bathroom weighing eight pounds, two ounces.

He's a healthy little boy, but already finds himself in debt to his big brothers.


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