HOUSTON -- A shoulder bump led to an argument and then gunfire at a northeast Houston convenience store Thursday afternoon.

It was all caught on surveillance video.

The store in the 7100 block of North Wayside is a popular place after work, filled with customers and children.

One man came to buy candy with a little boy. He thought the line was too long, so he left unhappy. As he and the boy were walking out the door, they bumped into another guy.

Words were exchanged and both appeared to walk away.

Moments later, the man returned, without the child, but with a friend wearing a muscle shirt, who cold-cocked the other guy.

All three seemed ready to fight, when a bystander intervened.

As the two friends backed up toward the gas pumps, the man who had been with the boy fired his weapon twice.

Shay, who declined to give her last name said, I hit the ground. It was right over my head. See the bullet right here...right here...right over my head.

I was just thinking of protecting my kids, my kids was in the car when all this was going on, said Cianna Francios, a customer in the store.

We don't need this out here, there are kids come out here, somebody's kid could get hurt, said Braxton Edwards, a customer in the store.

Customers say one person's hand was bleeding, perhaps cut by broken glass or grazed by a bullet.

Hiding behind a gun, that don't make them a big person or nothing like, especially shooting an innocent bystander, said Dwight Randall, a customer in the store.

All of this was over a shoulder bump -- the same trigger for the shooting at Lone Star College a few weeks ago. Three people were injured in that incident.

It could ve been somebody got killed behind nothing, said Edwards.

The gunman and his accomplice in this case fled the scene.

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