HARRIS COUNTY -- A former investigator with the Harris County District Attorney s Office is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in comic books from a defendant charged with embezzling millions of dollars from a former employer.

Lonnie Blevins, who resigned from his job last December, was released on his own recognizance after being arrested for the alleged crime.

Authorities said Blevins tried to sell the books, including an original issue of Batman worth over $900 thousand.

The comic books were part of the evidence in the case against Anthony Chiofalo, who he admitted embezzling millions of dollars from a previous employer.

Chiofalo s attorney said his client was attempting to pay the money back when the comic books were discovered missing from an evidence locker.

What we did was wrong, but stealing from a man you just put in jail was a whole different story, said Paul Doyle.

Doyle wants the case against his client thrown out.

An attorney for Blevins said the former investigator was innocent.

According to officials with the district attorney s office, a second investigator was suspended on Friday.

A spokesperson for D.A. said the office continues to cooperate with federal investigators.

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