HOUSTON Two Pearland residents say two young women came to their doors, pretending to do surveys for school, but instead were looking to get inside to steal.

It happened in the Villages of Towne Lake in Pearland.

Someone knocked on my door. I was expecting our maintenance man to come, said the woman, who did not want to be identified. I wasn t scared. They were very friendly, nice looking white girls in their 20s.

Pearland police said two women claiming to be students from the University of Houston were going around to the homes claiming to do a survey.

She told her (the neighbor) she was studying interior decorating and was interested in the drapes, it was a ruse to get into the bedroom, the victim said.

She said the women wanted to get into their bedrooms and bathrooms to steal whatever they could.

I was sitting here and she was sitting here, she said, explaining that her back was against the door, while the other woman was asking her random questions.

She asked me what would I do if someone attacked me, she said. What was my favorite color? What kind of car would I want?

Minutes after those questions they asked to come inside.

I think the trick here is the dark-haired girl asked to go to my bathroom, 5 minutes later she asked to go to the next lady s bathroom, she said.

Police said the two women hit up at least five residents in the area.

As the bible say, the Lord will get them one way or another. Somebody will pull out a gun and shoot them, the victim said.

The surveillance cameras didn t capture anything.

Pearland police said they think there are more victims, but they re just afraid to come forward.

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