AUSTIN -- It happened on a busy weekend, and likely by the same man.

Same guy each time. He's the common denominator in the clubs, said Bob Woody, the East 6th Street Community Association President and bar owner.

Woody said surveillance video from Thursday and Friday night shows one man visiting several downtown bars paying for drinks and tips with counterfeit bills.

We can actually see the transaction, we can see him passing the money, and it isn't a coincidence that he is handling the same one over and over, Woody said.

The man is handing over fake $20 bills to pay for a single drinks, and then pocketing the real change in bars up and down 6th Street.

Woody said by doing this, he's laundering money. Literally.

The man is described as a Hispanic male, between the ages of 25 and 35, average height, and in some cases, wearing a fedora.

Somethings you can remember, like someone wearing a hat, and this guy, he's a little bit unusual, Woody said.

He s unusual because of the amount of money he ll spend, but the tips are fake, and it s difficult to authenticate bills in a dark bar. That means a bartender, bouncer or bar owner must eat the cost, and in the case of this weekend it was hundreds of dollars.

The Austin Police Department confirms there was a report this weekend filed by several downtown bars and that report will be handed over to the Secret Service.

A Secret Service investigation is standard in counterfeit cases.

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