AUSTIN, Texas Austin police and the Austin cycling community are anxious to hear from any witnesses who may have seen a vehicle hit and injure a bicyclist before driving away.

According to an Austin police spokesperson, the accident happened around 10:41 p.m. Thursday in the 200 block of Cumberland Road between South Congress and South 1st.

It happened during the popular Thursday Night Social Bike Ride which can draws upwards to several hundred cyclists.

It's almost like the world and the bicycle got jerked out from under me, and I remember my feet being in front of me in the air, said Clarence Rivera, the victim who now has stitches in his head and cuts and scrapes to his neck and hands.

As Rivera waits for justice, he said he hopes people learn how to share the road better.

There's this whole entitlement thing that goes on between cars and bicycles. It starts at cars, they're the most entitled and then bicycles, of course they're entitled too. Then it's skateboarders and pedestrians, Rivera said.

I see the animosity towards cars. I see the animosity from them towards us and I don't think us poking at each other back and forth or trying to win arguments about bicycle only streets or whatever, let's talk about existing together and cooperating in the streets, he added.

Austin police are asking anyone with information to call 311.

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