HOUSTON -- Just this week, first responders on the Lone Star College North Harris campus practiced protocol drills in the event of a campus shooting.

Then, the real thing happened.

We ve had three training exercises for faculty and staff on what to do in, in events like this, Lone Star Chancellor Richard Carpenter said.

Did they help? It may depend on who you ask.

Though administrators say warnings were sent out to students, many say they saw the alerts on the campus web page and not via text.

The simple fact that everybody didn t get the text made it difficult for everybody to find out what was going on, student Samuel Ambriz said.

They did contact us the best way that they could, student Lasandra Hall said. I guess it just all depends on what you check. Do you check your phone? Do you check the Internet?

Then there is the question of how the suspected gunman, 22-year old Carlton Berry, possibly eluded police and made his way to the hospital.

It could have been handled better, Samuel Ambriz said. But the good thing about it is that they reacted fast. And you know it didn t, nothing major happened.

Though reviews may be mixed, Chancellor Carpenter did point to one bright spot. Medical attention to the injured came fast.

As a matter of fact, the first responders to, to come to the aid of those who were shot were EMS faculty at the college, Carpenter said. They were there immediately.

At the same time, some students still cannot shake at least some comparisons to Connecticut.

The victims that you know that were innocent, student Monique Howard said. You know my heart just went out to everybody.

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