HOUSTON -- A Houston man was punched in the face by a Houston police officer, and it was all caught on camera. Now, the family has filed a complaint with HPD s Internal Affairs Division and there are a lot of unanswered questions.

It was just after midnight on Monday when 28-year-old Lucious Davis was arrested outside his southeast Houston home.

Relatives say they were backing out of their driveway, unarmed, and no threat when police lights started flashing.

We had kids in the car. We were on our way to Wal-Mart, said Lucious sister, Latosha Davis.

The family's home surveillance cameras recorded Davis, Latosha and others being handcuffed. Then, an officer strikes Davis once in the face and perhaps a second time in the side.

You all don't have to do him like that, said Latosha.

On the tape, it looks like Davis is struggling with officers. Latosha says he is trying to avoid the hood of the car because the car s so hot and they got the cuffs so tight.

After several minutes, the situation calmed down. Friends, some still in cuffs, can be seen talking with police. An officer brings out a shotgun from the house. Turns out, Davis has a criminal history dating back to 2005 -- including a drug felony.

Authorities charged him with being a felon in possession of a weapon and criminal mischief.

Why were police there in the first place?

Latosha said, The only thing they told me was this is a known drug-type of area.

Davis girlfriend, who was also briefly handcuffed, said, I hear the Sergeant calling my baby daddy a gang-banging punk. He ain't nothing but a gang banging punk.

When KHOU 11 News contacted Houston police, Chief Charles McClelland released this statement: The officer has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of the investigation. In addition, he says he immediately gave a copy of the recording to the Harris County District Attorney's Office and the FBI.

KHOU 11 News also asked what triggered all this, but Chief McClelland s statement said, An internal affairs investigation has been opened and I will refrain from making further comments on the case until the investigation is concluded.

At last check, Davis was in the Harris County Jail and had not posted bond. His sister and girlfriend were later released and not charged.

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