HOUSTON Three teen boys and one teen girl decided to terrorize people during the holidays when they went on a carjacking spree the day after Christmas, according to Houston police.

Claudia Olivo, 18; Jairo Daniel Moreno, 19 and Rene Gustavo Santiago, 19, were charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

On December 26, police said there were at least seven carjackings reported around town involving suspects driving a white, four-door vehicle.

One of the victims said he was robbed in an apartment parking lot while he was loading luggage into his car. The suspects drove up, hopped out of their car with a gun, forced the victim to the ground, then took his wallet and car, according to police.

In another carjacking, a woman s cell phone and car were taken. She also gave the same description of the suspects.

Throughout the day, multiple reports rolled in, all with the same method of operation, but the suspects were not caught.

Then on January 2, officers stopped a white Nissan for running a stop light. Officers observed that the vehicle and its four occupants matched the description of those involved in the recent carjackings.

They arrested the four people for various offenses and took them in for questioning.

Olivo and Santiago were arrested for public intoxication and Moreno was arrested for possession of marijuana. The driver, Martin Baltasar, was arrested for unlawful carrying of a weapon.

When police got them to the station, the suspects started talking.

Olivo waived her Miranda rights and agreed to talk to investigators. She confessed to being a passenger in the car when Santiago and Moreno allegedly carjacked the man who was putting luggage in his car.

Olivo went on to confess to her participation in the woman s carjacking. She said again, Santiago and Moreno carjacked the victim at gunpoint, and she took the woman s cell phone. She said they even went back to the woman to demand the pass code to unlock the phone after they had already began to drive away.

Santiago confessed to his involvement in at least one of the crimes, according to court documents.

Moreno allegedly told investigators he only participated in three of the seven robberies.

The suspects said Baltasar, who was the owner of the white Nissan, was the driver in each of the carjackings. Court records, however, do not show what, if any, charges were filed against him.

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