AUSTIN, Texas-- There s a nationwide gun and ammo shortage that is also affecting Central Texas.

Inside Central Texas Gun Works in South Austin there are plenty of customers but not plenty of merchandise.

I ve been to three or four different places but everyone says Oh you just missed them,' or there's a sign saying Still out of AR-15s, said Bryan Moore, who was trying to buy a semi-automatic rifle Wednesday.

And with a bigger demand and a diminished supply comes a price hike.

For instance hollow-point bullets which used to sell at Central Texas Gun Works for $15 dollars a box 30 days ago -- now costs more than $30.

Owner of Central Texas Gun Works Michael Cargill said for the first time since he opened his store two years ago, he s actually having to turn away customers.

Anyone that's coming in, taking a concealed handgun class, we'll sell ammo to them. But we're not selling any ammo to any outside people, Cargill said.

Cargill believes reaction to recent events like the December shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is the primary cause for the ammunition shortage.

When the president gets in front of the camera and says that he's looking at banning certain weapons, then people are like Whoa, I need to buy that firearm now and also the ammunition for that firearm, Cargill said.

The demand is for one firearm in particular: AR-15 semi-automatics.

There has been plenty of talk in Washington of cracking down on certain types of assault rifles, but no action. So the future of ammunition and gun supply is still up in the air.

A big concern as the supply of ammunition diminishes is whether law enforcement will have enough stock. But the Travis County Sheriff's Office and the Austin Police Department said they stocked up in advance.

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