HARRIS COUNTY, Texas A convicted teenage burglar who was beaten by Houston police officers after running from acrime scene three years ago pleaded guilty Wednesday in another burglary case.

Chad Holley, 18, and three friends were arrested on a burglary charge on June 13, 2012 in the 12900 block of Forest Trails Drive in northwest Harris County.

The arrest came after Holly received national attention for a previous arrest when surveillance video captured Houston police officers beating him on March 24, 2010. Holley was 16 at that time.

The four officers seen in the videotaped beating of Holley were later fired and charged with official oppression.

A jury found one officer not guilty last May. The Andrew Blomberg verdict triggered protests and threats of retaliation by community activists, includingQuanell X.

Three other officers are still awaiting trial.

Holley was convicted and sentenced to probation for the 2010 burglary.

When he was arrested again last year his mother said he was off his medication. She said Holley was prescribed three psychotropic medications, including the anti-depressant Mirtazapine.

Holley s attorney said he wants to change.

He s ready to step up and be a man and do something more constructive with his life, he s ready to choose better friends and he s ready to choose better surroundings, said Letitia D. Quinones. After sitting down and talking with him and his family I believe he s turned the corner to try and become a great citizen of this community.

Holley s sentencing date is March 14.

This is a burglary of a habitation, second-degree felony, the range of punishment is two to twenty years and the judge also has the ability to place the defendant on probation as well, said prosecutor Nathan Hennigan.

Two of the three other suspects in the case pleaded guilty in December.Donald Toran and Paulus Jackson received seven years deferred adjudication. Alexander Babbs next hearing date is Jan. 17.

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