LOUISVILLE, Kentucky-- A Louisville man was arrested after police said he ran from the Value Mart on Bardstown Road after stealing a pint of ice cream.

According to police documents, Donald Doran went into the Value Mart at 1250 Bardstown Road Monday evening and left without paying for the ice cream.

When police were called, officers were given a description of Doran and learned he was walking northbound on Bardstown Road. Once Police confronted Doran and said he took a 'fighting stance' toward an officer. The officer then took out his taser, pointed it at Doran, and according to the report, that's when Doran began to run.

An officer pursued Doran, and once he caught up with the suspect, he said things became physical. The report states the officer had to use both a taser and a baton to subdue Doran before he was handcuffed and taken to jail.

Police said they were able to find the pint of chocolate ice cream Doran allegedly stole from the store.

Doran is now facing shoplifting and disorderly conduct charges.

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