HOUSTON -- Thirty families now have homes full of brand new furniture, and it s all thanks to Mattress Mac.

But for one of those families, this big surprise comes on the heels of a big heartbreak.

Lavonne Robertson won a house full of Gallery furniture on the same day her youngest daughter, Kimberly Kennon, died from a brain hemorrhage.

To win a prize like this, a friend or family member has to write to Gallery Furniture telling them why you deserve it. This year 5,000 people sent letters. Only 30 families won.

Kimberly wrote letters so her mom could win the furniture. The furniture was delivered one day after Kimberly s funeral.

I miss her, but she's in a better place, said Lavonne. She's in a happy place.

The family figures Kimberly orchestrated the win from above.

This family has been besieged by catastrophic health issues. There were seven adult children in this family. Five have died. One was murdered years ago; the four others suffered from fatal health issues.

This family's love for one another remains; and, their hope for the future is helped by nice surprises like this one.

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