KINGWOOD, Texas An 18-year-old Kingwood High School student was arrested Tuesday morning after he was accused of threatening to use a firearm on a police officer, court documents state.

Derick Richard Montelongo, of Kingwood, is charged with exhibition of firearm.

On Dec. 12,the principal at Kingwood High School alertedHumble ISDpolicethat someone had drawn a picture of a stick figure with a gun pointing to its head on arestroom wall.The phrase Kill Officer West was next to the drawing. Officer Randy West with HISD Police patrols the campus.

Police saidthere were other drawings of dead police and a threat claiming that everyone at the school would be shot at 3:07.

After officials reviewed security video and interviewed witnesses, they were able to determine that Montelongo was the primary suspect in regards to the threats. The student was pulled out of class, and an administrative search was conducted.

Officials found similar drawings to the ones found in the restroom on him and a red cap to a marker that may have been used on the restroom walls, court documents state.

Montelongo's bail was set at $10,000.

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