HARRIS COUNTY -- Immigration officials raided a northwest Harris County home suspected of functioning as a stash house for illegal immigrants, authorities said Monday night.

The home, a single-story three-bedroom house, located in the 7200 block of Northleaf Drive, allegedly had as many as 48 people crowded inside.

Authorities marched the men, women and children outside and loaded them into a waiting bus, which transported them to an immigration detention facility. A total of 14 children were staying at the house.

Authorities said four of the men were suspected of being smugglers.

Neighbors said they had no clue so many people were living in such a small space.

We never saw anything strange, said Bertha Castillo. We would maybe see 10 people outside. They would just come out and wash their cars and trucks.

I feel sorry for them, added Terri O Neil. But I don t like what they re doing to the children.

Authorities said the people from the house would each be given a medical evaluation and then be interviewed to determine their immigration status.

Anyone determined to be here illegally would be placed in line for deportation.

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