When a teacher spotted a suspicious-looking man in the woods near a San Antonio elementary school people reacted quickly Monday morning.

The teacher reportedly said the man was wearing fatigues and appeared to be armed.

Concerned administrators at Steubing Elementary in the 11000 block of Braefield immediately put the school on lockdown at around 10:30 a.m.

Police were on the scene within two minutes of being notified by school officials, and Blue Eagle was called in to join the ground search.

Police did locate the man, who, they said, was actually a falconer dressed in camo and carrying a stick. He was looking for his missing bird.

School officials said they had just prepared for the possibility of a threat.

Minutes before the Monday alert the school had held a practice drill for just such a lockdown.

Steubing Elementary School principal, Mary Usrey, said the lockdown procedures worked as planned.

I think it was a positive for us, she said. It felt like what we were practicing is what we needed to happen when we weren't sure what was happening.

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