HOUSTON A man who called an escort to his motel room to do lap dances forced her to strip naked, then robbed her at gunpoint, according to Houston police.

Jaqualien Grant, 22, was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

Police said Grant called the woman to come to the Red Roof Inn in the 2900 block of the West Sam Houston on December 1.

The woman told police when she arrived to the room shortly before 1 a.m., she noticed Grant had condoms on the bed. The woman said she quickly informed him no sex was to be involved and she was only there to give lap dances.

She said Grant seemed a little frustrated at first, but told her to go ahead and change into her dancing gear.

After the escort changed, Grant went into the bathroom to change his clothes, or so she thought. Instead, he came out of the bathroom pointing a handgun, according to investigators.

Grant ordered the woman to get undressed, then grabbed her purse and emptied it on the bed. He then took her iPhone, car keys and money. He ordered her to sit on the bed and not to leave, then walked out of the room, investigators said.

The woman tried to call for help on the motel phone, but it was not working. She then looked out the window and noticed that her truck was gone, investigators said.

Grant suddenly walked back into the room, grabbed something off the bed, then left again.

The woman thenput ona jacket Grant left on a chair and ran to the front office for help.

She begged them to lock the door just in case he came there looking for her. Grant did come to the front office, and the employee told the woman to hide in the bathroom. Grant fled the scene while the employee called 911.

The victim gave police the jacket when they arrived. They found a social security card and other paperwork belonging to Grant inside a pocket.

Police then made a photo lineup and showed it to the victim. She was able to identify Grant as the man who robbed her, according to court documents.

Grant s bail was set at $50,000.

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