HOUSTON Sure, the box says fiber filled, but in many instances a Houston dietitian says the fiber in some products is manufactured and lacks the same nutritional value found in fiber-rich foods.

Some snack bars, cereal and bread are just a few of the products that contain chicory root fiber. It s a plant root, but its extract is manipulated to mimic dietary fiber.

They re absolutely not the same, explains Kari Kooi, a registered dietitian with the Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. They don t have the same health properties.

Kooi believes they fall under what she calls a health halo. The fiber marketed and touted on the packaging leads people to believe it s a great fiber-filled choice.

Kooi says it s better to get your fiber, a recommended 25-30 grams a day, from beans, vegetables and fruit, especially since some people have a stomach aversion to manufactured fiber.

They ferment in the large intestine and that can cause some discomfort, bloating and gas, said Kooi.

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