SUGAR LAND -- A Sugar Land woman said thieves tried to charge $40,000 on her credit cards, and she didn t even know they were gone.

She didn t want KHOU 11 News to use her name, but says she became a victim while at a restaurant where you pay at the time you place your order.

She said, I think what surprised me the most is I had my purse right next to me and I didn't feel any invasion.

Her purse was tucked between her foot and the wall at a restaurant in the Sugar Land Town Square. That s when a pickpocket snatched her wallet, stole several credit cards and put her wallet back without her even knowing it.

Within two hours I think they tried to purchase $40,000 worth of merchandise, she said.

She was oblivious for hours because she had already paid before eating and had no need to dig in her wallet for awhile.

You know, I feel invaded, as if somebody has just touched me personally.

And it's a lesson for the women who normally do not give their purses the royal treatment to keep a closer eye on that purse.

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