DALLAS -- Bullets shattered windows at the CBS Radio building on Central Expressway Friday afternoon, causing a few panicked moments for the employees inside where the bullets hit.

No one was injured.

Dallas attorney Pete Schulte was on the phone at his law firm in the building, located in the 4100 block of North Central Expressway, around 3:15 p.m. when he heard gunshots. Then, instantly, the sixth-floor window next to him shattered.

I had just hung up, and instantly as I turned in my chair, I heard a loud boom, Schulte said.

A former McKinney police officer, Schulte said he knew the shots were fired from a rifle and appeared to have been fired by someone on U.S. 75. The office below Schulte also had a window shattered.

At that point, my goal was just to get away from the windows, Schulte said. I didn't want to be anywhere close if there was still, as we call it in our world, an 'active shooter situation.' And that's why I wanted to call police, to make sure they could get out in the area to make sure there wasn't someone with a long-gun running around.

However, Schulte said it took police at least an hour-and-a-half to get to his office. The situation was coded as a criminal mischief, so it was not a top-priority call.

This is not a criminal mischief call [like] when someone comes home and their potted plant is destroyed, Schulte said. Sure, they could take time to get there, but this could have been a serious situation.

The attorney, who represents some high-profile clients and cases, doesn't think he was targeted, but he isn't a hundred percent sure.

Dallas police didn't return e-mails or release any information on this case.


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