HOUSTON Someone is making threats against Houston city councilman Al Hoang. He believes it is a man who once ran for office against Hoang.

The councilman would not give a name. However, he did give a reason.

He has survived two elections and his share of controversy. Now, even colleagues agree that none of that compares to what is happening around Hoang s home.

It makes me very angry to know someone has that much nerve and gall to come up and threaten, especially a public official, Burks, Jr. said.

Saturday, Hoang said a man came to the councilman s home, pulled a gun, aimed it in the air then yelled in Vietnamese, I kill you and your family, according to a police report.

My children were so scared, they cried with the violence at that time, Hoang said.

Early Tuesday morning, police showed up at Hoang s house again. This time it was a bomb threat aimed at Hoang, his wife and their three children.

My youngest daughter is sick, Hoang said. She s at home today and witnesses the whole thing. She is very scared.

I feel bad for them, said Le Huyh, a neighbor. That is dangerous.

Investigators refused to give details and encouraged Hoang to do the same. However, Hoang thinks he knows who is responsible and believes it s important for others to know why.

The incident occurred when the mayor (Annise Parker) and I welcomed the vice minister of Vietnam, Hoang said. (We were) trying to promote trade, direct flights to Vietnam and also trying to promote the relationship between the two cities.

Hoang, who grew up in south Vietnam, said the man making threats supports violent overthrow of Vietnam s communist government and doesn t want Hoang supporting business there.

Anybody that has a different opinion, they not only attack the Vietnamese communist government, but violently attack those who have different opinions over here.

We need to do something about (Hoang s safety), Burks, Jr. said.

Burks isn t alone. While police will not talk specifics, they had a cruiser parked near Hoang s home, just in case.

Investigators said they have a suspect description but have not made any arrests.

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