HOUSTON The 911 calls from the massive Thanksgiving Day pileup reveal more about the chaos drivers experienced.

Caller My God.

Dispatcher: 911, how may I...?

Caller: They have a major accident over here It s like 70 cars, 18 wheelers and everything. I don t know where we are. Everything, everybody s just piling up.

Foggy conditions caused 100 vehicles to collide on Interstate 10 between Houston and Beaumont that morning, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Some people bailed from their vehicles, knowing the fog on Interstate 10 was getting worse.

Caller: Oh my God, oh my God.

Dispatcher: OK, stay in your, car stay in your car, OK?

Caller: Oh no. I m in the field right now. People are just... everything s everywhere.  

Of all the cars and trucks scattered along the road near Winnie, only Vincent and Debbie Leggio of Pearland were killed. Several other people were injured.

The Leggio s were headed to a Mississippi casino. Their white SUV was crushed between a car and a big rig.

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