Monday is a big day for online retailers: It has come to be known as Cyber Monday.

Millions of Americans are expected to take advantage of online deals for holiday gifts.

So if Black Friday's crowds and chaos weren't your style, you may fare better online.

A survey of retailers found that more of them than ever will offer Cyber Monday deals.

They're aiming for the 72 million Americans who say they'll do some holiday shoppingonline this year.

So here are some tips to make sure your online shopping experience stays financially safe:

- Always confirm a website is secure before entering any information. Look for an s after h-t-t-p in the address.

- Paying with a credit card will offer more protections than paying with a debit card will.

- Check your credit card statements regularly to make sure you're only charged for purchases you've actually made.

- Keep records of your order confirmations and receipts with a designated folder in your inbox or with an app like Slice.

Speaking of apps, retailers officially adopted the Cyber Monday moniker in 2005, and seven years later, it may be time for a name change, with a boom in mobile and consumers shopping from smartphones and tablets.

Here are some reminders for those who shop on the go:

- Don't use public wifi connections. They're not secure.

- Lock devices with a password so data is protected even when your phone is out of your hands.

- Work within apps from trusted sources.

Adding another incentive for Cyber Monday shopping, the national retail federation says about 40 percent of retailers will offer free shipping, with no conditions attached.

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